What cats want

what cats want

Situated in a picturesque rural setting on Queensland's Sunshine Coast is the Lushei Burmese Cat Stud. The owners of Lushei wanted to create an area that would be mentally and physically healthy for their cats, allowing them also to live in harmony with the surrounding wildlife.

It was with these aims in mind that they have developed what is "what cats want " Lushei sprawls over two hundred square meters and consists of a room for each Queen, with access to three outdoor play areas with gardens full of small shrubs to relax under, climbing towers to tone up bodies and exercise young kittens, tunnels to play hide and seek and lots of well maintained lawn to just loll around on.

Our Stud Male has his own living area right next to the Queens being able to talk to them at all times and every afternoon he shares the large play area with his girls and kittens. The complex also includes the food preparation area, from which Lushei's Burmese can enjoy a well balanced diet of fresh meat, steamed chicken, fish and quality dry food.

Chairs and tables in the play area are available for visitors and prospective buyers to sit and watch the kittens and their mothers play. We at Lushei feel it is very important that people take their time in deciding if this is the type of cat they want, thus being able to make the right choice of kitten as they will be needing love and attention for a very long time.


Cats and unconditional love.


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